Some great audiobooks for free

Today, three absolutely great audiobooks are being offered totally free, for a limited time. First off is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, available from I’ve reviewed a LibriVox reading of this classic novel before, but this is a professional audiobook. I highly recommend it if you’ve never read this story before. It’s available for download until 10 am Friday.

Second are two books from Sync: Monster by Walter Dean Myers and Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Monster is a Michael L. Printz Award winner and National Book Award nominee about a teenage African-American boy on trial for murder. It’s a full-cast unabridged recording and comes highly recommended. I can’t wait to listen.

Lord of the Flies is another classic. It tells the story of a group of boys, stranded on an island, who have to establish their own society. Their decent into savagery is a compelling insight into the nature of civilization. This recording is a 1976 reading by the author. From the sample I heard, it’s less polished than newer editions, but the chance to hear Golding’s own voice narrating is a compelling reason to listen. Both Monster and Lord of the Flies will be available for download until next Thursday morning.

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