Category: written in 21st century

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Source: Podiobooks (iTunes| individual mp3s) Length: ~5.5 hrReader: Mark Douglas Nelson The book: How great would it be to live

“The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains” by Neil Gaiman

Source: Starship Sofa (mp3)Length: 54 min (starts at 12 min in of a 1.5 hr episode)Reader: Richie Smith The story:

The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan

Source: PodiobooksLength: Approx. 9 hrs Reader: Nathan Lowell The book: Literature that is innovative can be challenging and mind-changing. With the

“Moon Graffiti” by Jonathan Mitchell

Source: The Truth (mp3)Length: 15 minutesReaders: Matt Evans and Ed Herpsman The play: In 1969, William Safire wrote a speech for

The Salmon of Blackpool by Roger Gregg

Source: Radio Drama Revival (part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 )Length: Approx. 2 hoursReaders: Crazy Dog Audio Theatre

Shadowmagic by John Lenahan

Source: Podiobooks (download the first chapter)Length: Approx. 7 hoursReader: John Lenahan The book: When 18 year old Connor is visited by

“Justice Delayed” by Decoder Ring Theatre

Source: Decoder Ring Theatre (mp3)Length: 25 minutesReader: Full cast The story: Decoder Ring Theatre produces a modern take on old-time-style

“Eight Miles” by Sean McMullen

Source: StarShipSofa (mp3)Length: 1 hr, 3 min (total episode is 1 hr, 47 min)Reader: Simon Hildebrandt The story: Like this

From Dictatorship to Democracy by Gene Sharp

Source: Assistive Media (mp3)Length: 2 hr 35 minutesReader: David Erdody The book: I first heard about From Dictatorship to Democracy in

“When the Towers Fell” by Galway Kinnell

Source: The Poetic Voice (mp3)Length: 20 minutesReader: Galaway Kinnell The poem: Galway Kinnell is a Pulitzer Prize and National Book