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I’m back!

Yeah, I know I haven’t published anything in almost 3 years. I had given this blog up, since I had

Happy New Year

I’ve been meaning to post here, but since the new semester started, things have been busy and don’t show signs

Merry Christmas

I’ll not be posting any new reviews for the next few weeks while I’m on vacation for the Christmas and

Internet censorship day

I usually don’t post political issues here, but there’s currently a pair of bills in the U.S. Congress that directly

No new reviews this week

I’ll be skipping a week of reviews due to quarter-term exams in the classes I’m teaching. Next week, I’ll be

Book Blogger Appreciation Week update

I’ve made the short list for the Best Audiobook Blog niche at Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Thanks to mel u at

Book blogger appreciation week nominee

I’ve been listed on the Long List for an award as Best Audiobook Blog for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. You

High School reading list: Short stories

Continuing the post from Tuesday, here’s some of the short stories I see most often in high school literature syllabi.

High school reading list

With school starting this week, I’m afraid I won’t be able to post a new review. However, since it’s the

A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Spoken Words

I usually try to illustrate my reviews with the images provided by the publisher of the audiobook. LibriVox volunteers in