BBAW: My Blogging Community

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week. The theme for this Monday is my blogging community, the bloggers that I read every post and feel a kinship with. I’ve listed some of my favorite blogs below.

Free Audio Review: Felbrigg started his blog on free audiobooks about the same time I did mine. He’s got good tastes in audiobooks, and I always can find a good new candidate for reviews.

Fantasy Literature and SFFaudio are two blogs that I occasionally write columns for, but I was a fan of both long before either asked me to post. Both cover science fiction and fantasy literature, from slightly different perspectives.

The Reading Life: I’m not sure why more book bloggers don’t review short stories; they’re my favorite part of The Reading Life. Mel u does an excellent job of looking deep into classic fiction, both short and long forms. I’ve found several great suggestions there.

The Blue Bookcase: I first found the Blue Bookcase through the Literary Book Bloggers Hop, but I’ve also enjoyed their regular posts as well. One of my favorite features is The Reading List, a introduction to the greatest hits of sub-sub-genres.

I know I’m probably forgetting someone I love to read.  If I left you out, don’t feel bad, I may have just had a mental lapse. Let me know what your favorite blogs are and maybe I’ll add them to the list.

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