Month: September 2011

“Meditation 17” by John Donne

Source: LibriVox (mp3)Length: 5 minutesReader: Shawn Craig Smith The essay: Donne’s “Meditation XVII” is full of famous quotes: “All mankind

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Source: Speak the Speech (Act I | II | III |IV| V )Length: 2 hoursReaders: Cast directed by Cynthia McGean

No new reviews this week

I’ll be skipping a week of reviews due to quarter-term exams in the classes I’m teaching. Next week, I’ll be

“A Wagner Matinee” by Willa Cather

Source: McDougal Littell Literature, Grade 11 (mp3)Length: 20 minReader: Unlisted The story: When I first moved to a city for

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Source: LibriVox (zipped mp3 | M4B file)Length: Approx. 4 hoursReader: Kristin Luoma The book: Conrad’s notoriously difficult book is like the jungle

BBAW: My Blogging Community

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week. The theme for this Monday is my blogging community, the bloggers that I read every

“The Miller’s Tale” by Geoffrey Chaucer

Source: LibriVox (mp3)Length: 55 minutesReader: Gord Mackenzie The story: On an airplane ride across the country, I once had the

Literary Book Blog Hop: Must literature be difficult?

Every month The Blue Bookcase host a Literary Book Blog Hop for blogs that feature classics and literary fiction. This

Book Blogger Appreciation Week update

I’ve made the short list for the Best Audiobook Blog niche at Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Thanks to mel u at

Beowulf trans. by Francis B. Gummere

Source: Lit2Go (iTunes U)Length: Approx. 2.5 hoursReader: Rick Kistner The book: Beowulf has within it exciting battles, tales of classic