Month: August 2011

Middle school reading list

I published a high school reading list of audiobooks and short stories last week. This week I’m finishing the theme

Book blogger appreciation week nominee

I’ve been listed on the Long List for an award as Best Audiobook Blog for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. You

High School reading list: Short stories

Continuing the post from Tuesday, here’s some of the short stories I see most often in high school literature syllabi.

High school reading list

With school starting this week, I’m afraid I won’t be able to post a new review. However, since it’s the

Book blogger hop

Each week, the Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Crazy for Books asks a different book-related question for book bloggers to

“Rashomon” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Source: peopleTalk (mp3)Length: 16 minReader: Sadao Ueda The story: If you’ve heard of this story before, it’s probably from the

Botchan by Soseki Natsume

Source: LibriVox (zipped mp3s or M4B)Length: 5 hrs, 7 minReader: Availle The book: According to Wikipedia, Botchan is one of the most popular novels

A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Spoken Words

I usually try to illustrate my reviews with the images provided by the publisher of the audiobook. LibriVox volunteers in

“Moon Graffiti” by Jonathan Mitchell

Source: The Truth (mp3)Length: 15 minutesReaders: Matt Evans and Ed Herpsman The play: In 1969, William Safire wrote a speech for

The Salmon of Blackpool by Roger Gregg

Source: Radio Drama Revival (part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 )Length: Approx. 2 hoursReaders: Crazy Dog Audio Theatre